Advocating peace through sport

Every individual invention is directed and regulated by specific rules. These are to take and maintain by everyone. It is essential so that each aspect is in order and the behavior is harmonized. It enables its existence and shapes reality. Similarly, as an institution, soccer has its laws updated from the International Football Association Board (IFAB). This board includes four members from FIFA and also a part of countries such as England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. These countries are a part as they greatly contributed to the rise and advancement of this game.


Nowadays, the soccer game is preserved by 17 laws essentially. All these are often changed or altered from countries or regions. But at the international level, these are acknowledged. The principles include every aspect of the game. It covers the physiological aspects, behavior, and duties. Physical elements include field measurements and the goal post, colour of the face, shape and dimensions of this ball, participant’s gear, etc..

It specifically mentions the number of all Antonio players to play with the game, the game’s length, ways of scoring, and conclusion of winning, types of kicks like corner, free and punishment, throw-in, in-out of ball, etc, in addition, it specifies the referee’s responsibility, the way they ought to play the sport, consequences of misconducts, respectively These principles are particular to each of the players, goalkeepers and the referee and anybody involve, It is so crucial and adheres to in the international level.

The quote- sport unite people is essentially witnessed from this game. Fans from all over the world gather and join to see and encourage their favourite clubs and players. It’s a celebration. Soccer is dearly loved by many, and people play for fun as a hobby. It is also a career path, exactly as with any other sport. Many famous and well-known players inspire people not only to play but in a variety of facets of life also. This sport is celebrated by millions of fans from every corner of the world.

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